June 24, 2012

Winter Warmers - Body Care

This is the first of many 'Winter Warmer' posts. These posts are here to inspire and reccomend a few products that are great to use during the colder months. As winter continues we all look for ways to stay warm and look after our skin. With the large amount of heating used during the colder months our skin suffers, having vital nutrients and moisture removed. Below are some products perfect for keeping your skin hydrated and conditioned throughout the winter season.
Gardeners Hand Therapy and Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Cream
Crabtree and Evelyn

Crabtree&Evelyn 'Gardeners Hand Therapy' $20 for 50g
Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Cream $40 for 200g
Crabtree and Evelyn are an English brand specialising in body care. Their products are easy to purchase with 21 stores throughout Australia, as well as their online store which offers free delivery for orders over $100. 
The 'Gardeners Hand Therapy' is a higher-end hand cream ($20 for 50g or $28 for 100g) but you do pay for what you get, instantly nourished and conditioned hands from the shea-butter rich formula.You can apply this hand cream at whatever point during the day without worrying about having slippery hands as this product soaks in straight away and instantly restores softness. A little pea-sized amount of cream is all you need for both hands so this product lasts quite a while, making sure you get your moneys worth! 

Another product perfect for keeping your skin glowing during the frostier months is the 'Jojoba Oil Moisturising Body Cream' ($40 for 200g). Even though this is probably more money than most people would want to spend on a body lotion, it does wonders for your skin leaving it feeling soft and silky. I recommend using this cream before going to bed as it is quite thick. This product is great for use on legs, knees and elbows, combating any dryness and restoring moisture back into the skin instantly.

I hope this helped you keep your skin looking nourished throughout winter, and ready for summer when the sun comes out again. 

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