July 29, 2012

Nail Polishes Perfect For Spring

From Right to Left: Tidal Wave, Bubble, (No Name*),
(No Name*), Misty Jade, Hottie.
Pastels, pastels, pastels! They are everywhere you look this season, from jeans and tops to nail polish, you cannot go shopping without spying the light colour selection in at least a few shop windows! I love pastel nail polish as it is a lot more toned down than other coloured nail polishes (fluro yellow anyone?) and goes hand in hand with the pastel jeans trend.

 However, even though pastel nail polishes may be easy to wear, not all of them are easy to apply. Being  light colours you can often find pastel shades come out watery and take A LOT of coats to reach opacity but the Rimmel Misty Jade colour and the shades I picked up only take 2-3 coats which is great.

In spring I also love having bright colours on my nails (fingers and toes!), to brighten up any spring day which may be missing a few warm rays of sun. I love Revlon's Tidal Wave and Bubble for this. Tidal wave is a beautiful teal colour, with green duochromes in it, a definate eye catcher! And bubble is just a hot blue-toned pink, no frills on this one but gorgeous nonetheless!

In Spring I love wearing nail-polish on my nails to give a perfectly polished look to any outfit! 
What are your favourite colours to paint your nails with in the Spring?  

*No name on the bottles but available from Seed

July 25, 2012

Spring Trends - Coloured Jeans

Top: Ally Side Zip Jean, Bottom: Ally Side Zip Jean,
Right: 'Blue Whisper' Coloured Jean
Coloured jeans seemed to be everywhere this year, from the winter colours of; burgundy, cobalt blue and forest green just to name some of the most popular colours of the season, coloured jeans are here to stay for spring (and those cool summer nights!). The colour selection is infinitive, from baby pinks and cornflower blues to neon corals and fluorescent limes, there are colours for everyone's tastes and styles.
Left: Colour Leopard Jean, Right: Floral Print Jean
But designers are not stopping there!.... There are plenty of printed coloured jeans around in the shops this spring. Pastel leopard print and florals being a favourite! I absolutely love coloured jeans whether they are printed or plain, I think they look  great with plain tops in contrasting colours as well as more dressy tops and accessories to glam them up a bit.

July 21, 2012

Spring Wishlist

Images sourced from: www.theiconic.com.au, www.dotti.com.au, google and www.meccacosmetica.com.au
The colour, the height and the ankle strap are all perfect! I love these shoes so much and cannot believe how perfect they are for spring with the on-trend pastel colour.They look so cute and I can see them being paired with nearly every piece of clothing in anyone's wardrobe to add  a 'on-trend' and stylish edge to any outfit.
Printed jeans are all over the shops this season and these ones have really caught my eye. The neutral white background behind the pink floral print is subtle enough to be worn everyday with other prints or plain tshirts yet eye-catching enough to be dressed up with heels and a sparkly tank top for a more dressy look.
Another major trend this season is peplum. Peplum skirts, peplum dresses and of course my favourite, peplum tops. They are all over the shops with limitless different colours and prints. I especially loved this top because of the detailing it has and the colours that have been used which create contrast if it was to be worn with lighter pastel colours.
These have been all over the internet with millions of blog post ranting and raving about these 'lip butters' but I can see why! Recently I bought one to try out for myself whether they lived up to the hype, and of course they do! The creamy moisturising texture combined with colour and a hint of sparkle - really what else could you want! I am now looking at trying out some other shades as the shade I got (Peach Parfait) is quite neutral and I want to try some of the pinkier shades in the collection. 
The packaging of this candle really sold it to me. After seeing loads of pictures where people had used the candle jar (once all the candle had been burnt obviously) as storage for make-up brushes and stationary I really wanted one. I am yet to experience the scent in person but I'm sure after hearing such good reviews I will instantly find a fragrance which I will love (if not all of them!).

July 18, 2012

Review: Mecca Cosmetica 'In a Good Light' SPF 30+ Tinted Facial Sunscreen

Mecca Cosmetica 'In a Good Light' SPF 30+
I recently received a sample size of this product after popping into Mecca Cosmetica the other day. I have really been enjoying this product as it applies to the skin beautifully. The coverage is very light but evens out the skin tone well creating a great even base, as well as protecting your face from the sun because of the high SPF. This product would be great for spring and summer time and is the perfect alternative ordinary sunscreen. The only downfall of this product is the array (or lack of) colours. There is only one shade (which worked for me as I have relatively pale skin) but people with darker skin tones may find it hard to wear without mixing it with a darker foundation or tinted moisturiser. Overall, I would recommend this product if you are looking for something to even out your skin tone and leave your face looking fresh as well as protect your face from the sun's harmful rays.
Avaliable from Mecca Cosmetica RRP $50.00 for 125g and can be bought online here.

July 16, 2012

Winter Warmers - Nails

During the colder months painting your nails can make the grey-dreary weather seem a little brighter. I like to wear nail polishes that reflect the season whilst also following the current trends. Below are some of my favourite nail polishes to wear in the winter because of the way they add to warm winter outfits or the way the brighten up any rainy day.

From Left to Right: Revlon 'Grape', Orly 'Luxe' and
 Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah'
Revlon Top Speed 'Grape'
I find that this colour even though it looks dark and like any other deep purple it really adds some shimmer to a outfit with out being to obvious. Yes it is a dark colour, but the shimmer which it contains adds a little sparkle to your nails and it is a dream to apply as you can easily get away with just applying one coat. And the colour nearly goes with everything!

Orly 'Luxe'
You may have seen this nail polish used in my DIY: Splatter Nails post and that is because I love it! It is a amazing gold colour, perfect to wear with any winter outfit and a show-stopping polish overall. You need at least two coats of this polish to reach full opacity and it does have the difficultly of removing (just like any glitter nail polish) but I can assure you its worth it. With a decent top-coat this polish can last all week, perfect if you hate messing around doing your nails during the week. And can be used in a variety of different ways just to add some sparkle, I love using it as a accent nail (by just painting my ring finger) or splattering on your nails do add some sparkle.

Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah'
I wear this polish all year round but especially love the way the neutral, nude shades contrast against dark winter clothes. This nail polish looks great with a glitter nail polish over the top if you are looking to glam it up or on its own for a practical, neutral shade that will go with everything in your wardrobe. You need two coat of this nail polish to reach full opacity but it is a very long wearing polish lasting around 8-10 days with a top coat on. And can be used as a great base colour for any nail art or designs because of its neutral colour.

July 13, 2012

NOTD: Galaxy Nails

I have been loving the 'Galaxy Nail Trend' lately so decided to try it out for myself! I watched a very easy and informative tutorial and saw that creating this look was not as hard as it seemed! 
This was the finished product:
Overall I am very happy with the final look, I think it is the perfect way to jazz up plain nail polish while not being to 'in your face'. I think next time I will try and focus on adding a pink instead of a purple, because I like the contrast between the pink and the blues with were used in the tutorial. 
Nail Polishes I used:
- OPI (I don't know what the name is as it is a mini and has no-name on the bottom...)
- OPI 'What's with the Cattitude?'
- Revlon 'Tidal Wave'
- Orly 'Hype'
- Satin '35'
If you would like to know how to create this look here is a wonderful tutorial!

July 11, 2012

Review: Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious SPF 25 Hydrating Lip Protectant

Lip De-Luscious Avaliable from Mecca Cosmetica $28.00
Photo Sourced From MeccaCosmetica.com.au
After doing my Winter Warmers- Lip Care I was keen to discover new products to help my lips survive the frostiness of the cool winter months.

When I was lucky enough to receive a sample of this lip balm and was instantly hooked by the scent of this product. Even though the 'fairyflossy', sweet lolly smell may not be for everyone, it was right up my alley! This is possibly the most moisturising lip balm I have ever tried! After using Carmex lip balm for a while now, I thought nothing could compare, but this has topped it! A tiny pea-size amount is all you need balm and instantly your lips feel brand new. I put it on my lips when they were sore from being in the cold for a long amount of time, and by the morning they felt revived and brand new! This lip balm works best when you apply it before going to bed as it is thick and leaves you with silky smooth lips come the morning.

The lip balm contains evening primrose, calendula, avocado and jojoba oils, all used for nourishment which you can defiantly feel!. However, this product comes with a rather hefty pricetag... this product retails for $28.00 for a 12g pot available from Mecca Cosmetica in-store or online, however this is something I will defiantly be purchasing in the full-size.

July 07, 2012

June Favourites

This month seems to have flown by and now that I am on holidays I have discovered some old gems in my collection as well as acquiring a new favourite!
From Top To Botton: Sportsgirl Eyeshadow (ONT Palette),
Eyeshadow No.31 (DB Palette), Eyeshadow No.38 (DB Palette).
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E: I have been loving this body butter this month because of its rich consistency making it perfect to re-hydrate dry, winter skin.
Designer Brands 48 Eye Shadow Palette: I have re-discovered this palette recently and have been loving the neutrals that this palette contains. The lustre finish that these shadows have brightens up the eyes but avoids looking like you just dipped your eyes in a pot of glitter! 
Mecca Cosmetica Lip De-Luscious: This product has replaced my beloved Carmex chapstick (found in my Winter Warmers - Lip Care), it is a overnight sensation, leaving your lips smooth and soft when you wake up in the morning.
Covergirl Outlast Lipstain (Shade 415 Teasing Blush): I find that this product really enhances my lips, adding some extra colours, perfect for a natural look and to make your lips look just that bit better. As well as the scent and taste of the product- delicious!
Sportgirl On the Prowl Palette: I recently found this product again in my collection.  I have previously loved this palette and have really enjoyed using the lighter eyeshadow colour in my tear duct area to highlight my eyes. I find it is the perfect blend between matte and shimmer and love using it with neutral eyeshadows.(Unfortunatly this product is no longer avaliable from Sportsgirl but their Bronze Paper Palette has a similar colour selection).
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara (Very Black): I purchased this product recently because I had read and heard such good things about this mascara. I am a lover of my Maybelline Volum' Express the Colossal and still use that on my upper lashes but found the size of the brush made applying it to the lower lashes hard. The Great Lash Mascara has the perfect sized brush for use on the lower lashes and does not smudge all day. And can be used for a natural look on the upper lashes too.

I hope you all had a wonderful June and look forward to posting more in July! xx

*Sorry guys for such a delayed post -better late than never!*

July 04, 2012

Winter Warmers - Miscellaneous

During winter there are many products around to help you embrace the styles and chills that the colder months bring. From tea to blankets, I have selected a variety of items to make your winter cosier!
Glasshouse Candle 'Little Black Dress'. I am yet to come across a fragrance I love more than this candle. The scent is like no-other, light florals,  accented by tones of blood orange and musk to help you feel like you're walking the streets of Manhattan.
(RRP $40 and can be found here for $36).
T2 'Sleep Tight' I find in winter that there is nothing better than sitting by the fire with a cup of warm tea. This is the perfect tea to have before going to bed in the evening as it contains  chamomile and instantly relaxes and calms. This tea also lasts ages as a little goes a long way when making it.
($13.50 for a 50g box and can be found here).
Annabel Trends 'Pom Pom Throw' The best blanket to keep you warm during the cooler months. As well as the cute pom poms attached to the throw it has incredibly soft material making it the ultimate blanket for winter. 
(RRP $69.95 and can be found here)

July 01, 2012

DIY: Splatter Nails

The other day I was getting bored with my plain nail polish and decided to give the splatter nail polish trend a whirl. I had seen two YouTube tutorials on this look (both linked below) so I decided it looked simple enough to try. You can have a look at the tutorials and the post if you fancy giving this look a try, as I believe they all explain the steps very well. So here is a look at how my nails turned out!

And After...
This design was super-simple and perfect to glam up any plain nail polish! I cant wait to try it with a different selection of nail polishes!
I used: 
-Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah' (Base Colour)
- Revlon Top Speed 'Grape'
- Orly "Luxe'
How to do it:
A wonderful tutorial using neutrals and a pop of colour
Another tutorial using summery neon shades