September 17, 2012

Trend: Peplum

Recently Peplum has been popping up through all the shops. From peplum dresses, to tops, to skirts designers are adding a frill to anything and everything this season! I know quite a few people are not loving this trend, but personally (and slightly suprisingly...) I am! From 'extreme peplum' dresses where there is no subtly whatsoever in the design that it has a huge frill on it which you would spot a mile off, to more wearable everyday tshirts with a 'loose' frill at the bottom, I love the trend! I think it a great way to add some interest to plain t-shirts and more drama to plain skirts and dresses. 
Below are some of my favourite styles around in the shops at the moment: 

Dotti Coloured Peplum Skirt 
Image 1 of ASOS T-Shirt with Peplum
ASOS T-Shirt with Peplum

Dotti Lana Lace Collar Peplum
Image 1 of ASOS Sleeveless Peplum Blouse With Daisy Print And Crochet Collar
ASOS Sleeveless Peplum Blouse
With Daisy Print And Crochet Collar
Sportgirl 50's Peplum Dress

September 12, 2012

September Wishlist

Essie 'Topless and Barefoot' This has to be one of the nicest 'nude' nail polishes out there and after my discovery of essie nail polishes I am hooked! Definatly one I will have my eye on for the next purchase.

Sportsgirl Bangle Stretch Set When I saw the orange and pink pyramid bracelet images flashed back to me of the J-Crew one I had seen a few months ago but could not justify the $30 price tag.I love this bracelet and think it would go great with a lot of spring outfits. 

St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse I have had my eye on St. Tropez products for a while and after doing my research the most loved product seems the be the mousse. 

Oribe Texturizing Spray After seeing Anna talk about this product numberous times, I really want to try it. It is a tad on the pricey side, but this is a wishlist right!?

What products are on your wishlist this month? xx

September 08, 2012

ShopCall: Essie Bargains

As you haven't already guessed or are a first time reader (...welcome!), I am a nail polish junkie! From bright summer corals and pastel lilacs, to wintery deep purples and greys, I love nail polish. This is a slight problem when you live in Australia and lust after brands such as OPI, essie and chinaglaze as they are very hard to get a hold of. However, you will never believe my excitement when I stumbled across - the answer to getting reasonably priced nail polish delivered free straight to my doorstep-YAY! After filling my basket high with nail polishes for every season I began to narrow it down. I decided I would wait to place the order, and I am very glad I did! The other day I was shopping and came across a store called: Cosmetics Fragrance Direct, I had never seen this store before so of course I had to go in. BEST DECISION EVER! The company has shops in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC and SA and guarantee 100% authenticity of their products, with all products being dramatically reduced! That was when I spotted the essie bowl... (cue 'dun dun duuunnn'!) There was not hundreds of colours to choose from but there was a wide variety of shades to suit everyone's style, and the best of all, the sets! 

The nail polishes retail at $6.00 - half the price of the $12.00 beauty bay ones! 
And the sets retail at the bargain price of $5.00! for 4 nail polishes - dirt cheap compared to the  $16.90 beauty bay ones!

Granted, these shades are not the newest ones, but all the shades I picked up can be purchased from beauty bay, so obviously they are still going strong!
The shades I picked up were:


Braziliant 15ml: A hot orange with a touch of shimmer.

Miss Matched 15ml: A sheer pinky lilac.


Fair Game 5ml: A metallic, gunmetal blue

Your Hut Or Mine 5ml: A shimmering soft coral red.

Da Bush 5ml: A pale, sage green.

Lion Around 5ml: A lovely soft peach pink with a subtle shimmer finish.

*all descriptions of the colours are taken from

September 04, 2012

August Favourites

This month has really flown by for me, I'm sure if you have already read a few of these posts this is nothing new, but to me it still feels like the beginning of the month. This month I have a wide selection of favourites but I apologize in advance for the lack of beauty products!
TRESemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray: I have had this heat-protectant for a while now and only just realised that I had never mentioned it in any of my monthly favourites so decided to include it this month. This is possibly one of the most talked about heat-protectants between the beauty blogs, and after owning it for a while I can see why! It provides my hair with protection from my hair-dryer or straightener without leaving it sticky afterwards. I went for a few weeks without using this product and really noticed that my hair was a lot dryer after using heat on it. 

Oh, Lola! Body Lotion: I love this fragrance for the spring and summer time and use the EDP a lot, but felt that the body lotion was not getting a lot of use, time to sort that out! It is no where near the most moisturising body lotion on the planet, but the light lingering scent it leaves is great. It is not as strong as spraying the perfume on you, and is great if you just use it on your hands before you leave in the morning, as the scent stays put all day!

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish, Shade 202, 'Bubble': I find this the perfect transitional colour for Spring as it is a hot pink, but misses out on the fluorescent-ness many hot pinks now process. I love this colour so much and have featured it in my 'Nail Polishes Perfect for Spring' post (link here) as it is such a verasatile and fun colour to wear on your nails as the sun begins to shine again.

Maybelline BabyLips (Menthol): This is my second BabyLips (in the same flavour too!) and what can I say, they are perfect for on the go hydration. They are clear and soak in fast, all in all a total winner in my books!

Marble Skull Bracelet: This month I decided to include a 'fashion' favourite because of the lack of beauty products, so I chose this bracelet. I recently purchased this bracelet from a little store near my house and was instantly drawn to the simplicity and colour. I am not a 'skull person' and did not purchase the bracelet for the heads scattered throughout the beads, but rather for the beautiful bright colours. I have been loving this bracelet with nearly every outfit as it adds a simple pop of colour to basic, neutral outfits!

August 29, 2012

Inspiration: Spring/Summer

I have seen a few other bloggers writing 'inspiration' posts lately and found they were a great way to gain (you'll never guess it...) inspiration! Below are some of my favourite pics which to me really represented the fashions of Spring/Summer 2012.

All Images Sourced from

August 26, 2012

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August 22, 2012

Review: Y Organics Balance Oil

Y Organics 603 BALANCE Certified Organic Jojoba - 30ml
Recently with all the cold weather a heater has been a must! Even though they are great for keeping you warm, heaters are extremely drying to your skin whether you can see it or not, and I could defiantly see it. So instead of my usual skipping moisturising step I decided to tend to the problem at hand, the dryness, and I found myself reaching for this product.

It is very different to other moisturisers as it does not come as a cream, rather a oil. Applying  oil to your face may seem slightly odd to some people (especially people who have oily skin) but I find it a great way to make sure the product has really absorbed into the skin. You take a small drop (roughly half the size of a 5c coin, give or take depending on how much of your skin you are planning to apply it to) and massage this into the dry areas. Come the morning the dry areas will be gone and your skin will feel hydrated. I have no idea what I would have done without this amazing product during these cool winter months.

Y Organics Balance Oil can be purchased through their online store here and through discerning hair and beauty salons and selected health and wellness professionals. 
Here is a list of retailers so you can find one nearby.