September 04, 2012

August Favourites

This month has really flown by for me, I'm sure if you have already read a few of these posts this is nothing new, but to me it still feels like the beginning of the month. This month I have a wide selection of favourites but I apologize in advance for the lack of beauty products!
TRESemmé Heat Tamer Protective Spray: I have had this heat-protectant for a while now and only just realised that I had never mentioned it in any of my monthly favourites so decided to include it this month. This is possibly one of the most talked about heat-protectants between the beauty blogs, and after owning it for a while I can see why! It provides my hair with protection from my hair-dryer or straightener without leaving it sticky afterwards. I went for a few weeks without using this product and really noticed that my hair was a lot dryer after using heat on it. 

Oh, Lola! Body Lotion: I love this fragrance for the spring and summer time and use the EDP a lot, but felt that the body lotion was not getting a lot of use, time to sort that out! It is no where near the most moisturising body lotion on the planet, but the light lingering scent it leaves is great. It is not as strong as spraying the perfume on you, and is great if you just use it on your hands before you leave in the morning, as the scent stays put all day!

Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish, Shade 202, 'Bubble': I find this the perfect transitional colour for Spring as it is a hot pink, but misses out on the fluorescent-ness many hot pinks now process. I love this colour so much and have featured it in my 'Nail Polishes Perfect for Spring' post (link here) as it is such a verasatile and fun colour to wear on your nails as the sun begins to shine again.

Maybelline BabyLips (Menthol): This is my second BabyLips (in the same flavour too!) and what can I say, they are perfect for on the go hydration. They are clear and soak in fast, all in all a total winner in my books!

Marble Skull Bracelet: This month I decided to include a 'fashion' favourite because of the lack of beauty products, so I chose this bracelet. I recently purchased this bracelet from a little store near my house and was instantly drawn to the simplicity and colour. I am not a 'skull person' and did not purchase the bracelet for the heads scattered throughout the beads, but rather for the beautiful bright colours. I have been loving this bracelet with nearly every outfit as it adds a simple pop of colour to basic, neutral outfits!


  1. I love the Tresemme heat protector! It's amazing :)

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