August 11, 2012

Review: Babyliss PRO Argan Oil

All winter it has been damp and cold, typical winter weather with minimal hints of warmth so I have been using a lot of heat on my hair from blow-drying, straightening and even occasionally curling. The large amount of heat has not done wonders for my hair and was causing the ends to be very dry and the ends beginning to split. I then discovered this gem just in time for it to rescue my locks!

This amazing product is marketed as a alternative to the famous Moroccan Oil, which I was eager to try out, however after trying this I'm not sure if I will need to. I place the oil in my hair when it is damp after washing it (for best results apply to towel-dried hair), and apply it roughly 10cm from the ends of my hair and work it down and then run the remainder of the oil which is left on my hands through my hair (avoiding the scalp and hairline as it can make the hair look oily). I then either blow-dry my hair of let it air dry, either works great with this product.
The only problem with this product is the packaging, the screw lid although functional and great for travelling when you have oily hands trying to screw a lid on and not spilling it everywhere is a bit of a struggle. A pump would have been much better and even though you could add your own by buying one, I couldn't be bothered trying to find one to fit.

Overall, a wonderful product if you are looking for something to save your hair from split-ends and dryness.

Babyliss PRO Argan Oil retails for $34.95 and is available from pharmacies, some hairdressers and can be found online here and I even found a pump made for the product here!

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