August 18, 2012

ShopCall: Sportsgirl

This is the first of a new section of posts, focussing on the small gems you can find in easy-to-access stores Australia wide. This month I came across the perfect bracelets in the well-known store, Sportsgirl. Sportgirl are known for their on-trend pieces influenced by the clothes you see on the runways at a more affordable price. Recently I have not been drawn to as many things in their shop as I have been previously.However, I spotted these bracelets and they were to good not to tell you guys about. As you can see from the pictures below they look quite a lot like the small-dainty bracelets you see on tumblr and pinterest and look great by themselves or layered with a watch and other bracelets for a more dramatic and eye-catching look. 

Source: Tumblr.

Fine Skull Bracelet $9.95
Fine Cross Bracelet $9.95

Infinity Knot Bracelet $9.95

As you can see there is a variety of these bracelets, with the infinity knot being my personal favourite. I think for $9.95 for these are a real bargain and will be great for seasons to come!

If you have any gems you have spotted recently feel free to let me know in the comments! xx


  1. I've got the infinity knot bracelet - I was drawn to it and the other bracelets you've shown too. I agree with you about loving some items in Sportsgirl and then at other times seeing nothing you like - it's always hit and miss for me.

    1. I'm definitely going to go and pick them up, and yes, I always find Sportsgirl a bit of a hit and miss sometimes x