July 01, 2012

DIY: Splatter Nails

The other day I was getting bored with my plain nail polish and decided to give the splatter nail polish trend a whirl. I had seen two YouTube tutorials on this look (both linked below) so I decided it looked simple enough to try. You can have a look at the tutorials and the post if you fancy giving this look a try, as I believe they all explain the steps very well. So here is a look at how my nails turned out!

And After...
This design was super-simple and perfect to glam up any plain nail polish! I cant wait to try it with a different selection of nail polishes!
I used: 
-Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah' (Base Colour)
- Revlon Top Speed 'Grape'
- Orly "Luxe'
How to do it:
A wonderful tutorial using neutrals and a pop of colour
Another tutorial using summery neon shades


  1. Nails look fab thanks for sharing!


  2. That came out great! I'll have to try it