July 29, 2012

Nail Polishes Perfect For Spring

From Right to Left: Tidal Wave, Bubble, (No Name*),
(No Name*), Misty Jade, Hottie.
Pastels, pastels, pastels! They are everywhere you look this season, from jeans and tops to nail polish, you cannot go shopping without spying the light colour selection in at least a few shop windows! I love pastel nail polish as it is a lot more toned down than other coloured nail polishes (fluro yellow anyone?) and goes hand in hand with the pastel jeans trend.

 However, even though pastel nail polishes may be easy to wear, not all of them are easy to apply. Being  light colours you can often find pastel shades come out watery and take A LOT of coats to reach opacity but the Rimmel Misty Jade colour and the shades I picked up only take 2-3 coats which is great.

In spring I also love having bright colours on my nails (fingers and toes!), to brighten up any spring day which may be missing a few warm rays of sun. I love Revlon's Tidal Wave and Bubble for this. Tidal wave is a beautiful teal colour, with green duochromes in it, a definate eye catcher! And bubble is just a hot blue-toned pink, no frills on this one but gorgeous nonetheless!

In Spring I love wearing nail-polish on my nails to give a perfectly polished look to any outfit! 
What are your favourite colours to paint your nails with in the Spring?  

*No name on the bottles but available from Seed

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