July 16, 2012

Winter Warmers - Nails

During the colder months painting your nails can make the grey-dreary weather seem a little brighter. I like to wear nail polishes that reflect the season whilst also following the current trends. Below are some of my favourite nail polishes to wear in the winter because of the way they add to warm winter outfits or the way the brighten up any rainy day.

From Left to Right: Revlon 'Grape', Orly 'Luxe' and
 Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah'
Revlon Top Speed 'Grape'
I find that this colour even though it looks dark and like any other deep purple it really adds some shimmer to a outfit with out being to obvious. Yes it is a dark colour, but the shimmer which it contains adds a little sparkle to your nails and it is a dream to apply as you can easily get away with just applying one coat. And the colour nearly goes with everything!

Orly 'Luxe'
You may have seen this nail polish used in my DIY: Splatter Nails post and that is because I love it! It is a amazing gold colour, perfect to wear with any winter outfit and a show-stopping polish overall. You need at least two coats of this polish to reach full opacity and it does have the difficultly of removing (just like any glitter nail polish) but I can assure you its worth it. With a decent top-coat this polish can last all week, perfect if you hate messing around doing your nails during the week. And can be used in a variety of different ways just to add some sparkle, I love using it as a accent nail (by just painting my ring finger) or splattering on your nails do add some sparkle.

Mecca Cosmetica 'Mariah'
I wear this polish all year round but especially love the way the neutral, nude shades contrast against dark winter clothes. This nail polish looks great with a glitter nail polish over the top if you are looking to glam it up or on its own for a practical, neutral shade that will go with everything in your wardrobe. You need two coat of this nail polish to reach full opacity but it is a very long wearing polish lasting around 8-10 days with a top coat on. And can be used as a great base colour for any nail art or designs because of its neutral colour.

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