July 21, 2012

Spring Wishlist

Images sourced from: www.theiconic.com.au, www.dotti.com.au, google and www.meccacosmetica.com.au
The colour, the height and the ankle strap are all perfect! I love these shoes so much and cannot believe how perfect they are for spring with the on-trend pastel colour.They look so cute and I can see them being paired with nearly every piece of clothing in anyone's wardrobe to add  a 'on-trend' and stylish edge to any outfit.
Printed jeans are all over the shops this season and these ones have really caught my eye. The neutral white background behind the pink floral print is subtle enough to be worn everyday with other prints or plain tshirts yet eye-catching enough to be dressed up with heels and a sparkly tank top for a more dressy look.
Another major trend this season is peplum. Peplum skirts, peplum dresses and of course my favourite, peplum tops. They are all over the shops with limitless different colours and prints. I especially loved this top because of the detailing it has and the colours that have been used which create contrast if it was to be worn with lighter pastel colours.
These have been all over the internet with millions of blog post ranting and raving about these 'lip butters' but I can see why! Recently I bought one to try out for myself whether they lived up to the hype, and of course they do! The creamy moisturising texture combined with colour and a hint of sparkle - really what else could you want! I am now looking at trying out some other shades as the shade I got (Peach Parfait) is quite neutral and I want to try some of the pinkier shades in the collection. 
The packaging of this candle really sold it to me. After seeing loads of pictures where people had used the candle jar (once all the candle had been burnt obviously) as storage for make-up brushes and stationary I really wanted one. I am yet to experience the scent in person but I'm sure after hearing such good reviews I will instantly find a fragrance which I will love (if not all of them!).


  1. love the jeans! nice blog..i'm following!


  2. Thanks, I'll definatly check out your blog! x